Sell more powerfully 

by being more you

“What you’re selling isn’t compelling because you’re stuck in your head.”

The Sales Edge System unlocks your magnetic body presence to motivate the sale with power and ease.

It all starts by discovering your edge…


Sales Edge

People follow how you make them feel – not what you make them think.

Everybody has a unique presence about them, a signature way they naturally connect to and direct others. This is your sales edge. When you sell from your design, results are effortless. When you get stuck in your head and try to force the sale in a way that is not natural, it gets weird, wobbly and usually crashes and burns. Not only does it suck for your bank account, but it also feels icky and drives potential buyers away.

Sales Edge = more traction & results with less effort & stress.

You aren’t compelling, because you’re stuck in your head



There’s this false belief that if you get the words just right, the world will see you, hear your and be ready to buy… 

It’s easy to get obsessed with convincing the buyer’s mind and seek false confidence by saying fancy words. But, people listen to your body more than your mouth:

7% of meaning in communication is derived from the actual words we speak, 38% is paralinguistics like the tone of voice and 55% is body language. 

So what’s leading the sale is less your brain and more how you make people feel from your body. When my clients get this right they see results immediately.

Skills in the body = dollars in the bank account

Greater Influence. Real Results.



Own the room. Own the moment.  Getting to that place where the whole world turns to hang on your every word is no accident. It is a cultivated skill. The trick is they aren’t listening to the words, they are registering what’s in the silence.

This goes way beyond mindfulness, EQ, or heady sales tactics. This is you tapping into your genius and engaging the moment full out. Not in your head, but with your presence.

Take your assessment, then book a call with me to ground that into your process… this is not just models and talk. All of our training gives you tools and practices to use immediately. The Sales Edge System is all about building skills in the body that put dollars in the bank account.

What’s Possible When You Lead By Your Design 

The Sales Edge helped me see the deeper beliefs and patterns that were holding me back in my business and specifically in enrollment conversations. I hadn’t realized that my gift of being a heart-centered empath was hindering my ability to fully embody & articulate my mission in a way that potential clients could fully grasp. Through the Sales Edge evaluation & the various embodiment exercises, I was able to bring more directness, confidence, & authority into enrollment conversation. In the week after the intensive, I signed over $10K in client contracts!

Leandra Rose

Transformational Coach

Sales Edge delivered more value than I expected and helped me build longer-lasting, trusting relationships with my customers. The interactive group training taught me to ground myself in my body and remain conscious of creative collaborative tension during the sales process. I can now move the sale forward as if I were dancing with the customer, and have the customer feel my authenticity throughout. I would definitely do it again.

Joe Sullivan

Medical Sales

Discovering my Sales Edge has boosted my confidence and trustability. It gave me permission to sell the way I’m designed and that has made all the difference!  I feel a renewed passion for enrollment and love sharing my unique presence when I’m connecting with prospects. Oh yeah, it works too. I closed a $5,000 sale just days after my 1st session that would have been challenging before. 

Jim House

Owner , Book Carver

James is a master at helping you get in touch with what your true value proposition is when selling AND teaching you how to BE that in your body when you are in a sales engagement.  It is the energetic and physical combination that sets James apart from other sales trainers.

Kirstin Farella

Real Estate Broker, Harcourts Advantage